Car park

There are more than 2,300 parking spaces available to customers of the Galeria Północna located on various levels of the facility. All parking areas at the Galeria Północna are free of charge and are monitored by CCTV. All parking areas at the Galeria Północna are also equipped with a modern Park Assist system, which provides security, makes it easier to find a parking space, and even allows you to track the car left in the car park. Information on free parking spaces in individual car park zones is available on displays, while a parked vehicle can be found by using Info kiosks located at the entrances to the car park.

In the event of dangerous weather phenomena in Warsaw (preceded by a text message from the Government Security Centre), the underground car park is also made available to customers at night. Drivers are then able to park at level -1 free of charge. The main entrance next to the Bierhalle restaurant remains open at all times.