Dear Visitors,
For the sake of safety and your comfort and convenience while on the premises of the Galeria Północna Shopping Centre, you are kindly requested to respect the following provisions of these Rules and Regulations in force and follow the instructions of the Security Service and the Management of Galeria Północna.

1. Galeria Północna is available to you during the opening hours specified on the entrance door and on the website at

2. For your safety, Galeria Północna is monitored.

3. All visitors are required to behave in a lawful manner without disturbing other visitors to Galeria Północna.

4. Galeria Północna is a dog friendly facility for assistance dogs.

5. Subject to the paragraph above, animals may be brought into Galeria Północna if they are not a nuisance to other Galeria Północna customers. Animals should be placed in appropriate containers to prevent harm to persons or property. Dogs may only be brought into Galeria Północna on a leash and when they are wearing a muzzle. All waste and faeces should be disposed of by dog owners.

6. It is forbidden to use shopping trolleys being the property of the hypermarket for any purpose other than carrying purchased goods by customers of Galeria Północna.

7. It is forbidden to use roller skates, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, etc. on the premises of Galeria Północna.

8. Taking photographs and filming is permitted on the premises of Galeria Północna for private, non-commercial use only. In other cases, photography is only permitted upon prior written consent of the Galeria Północna Management.

9. It is forbidden to bring firearms, explosives, drugs, flammable substances and other objects threatening the safety, health and life of customers or property into the area of Galeria Północna to the extent that this has not been authorised by the relevant regulations.

10. Persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of similar drugs, disturb public order, behave in a way that is disruptive to others or persistently violate these Rules and Regulations are prohibited from entering Galeria Północna. The management authority or their representative shall be entitled to call the police or other order services in the event that the person requested to leave Galeria Północna fails to comply with the same.

11. Children up to 13 years of age may be present on the premises only under the care of parents or guardians who are responsible for their safety.

12. Deliberate fouling, damaging or misuse of the Galeria Północna facilities is prohibited. Such actions shall give rise to a claim for damages.

13. Smoking, the use of e-cigarettes and consumption of alcohol outside designated and marked places is strictly prohibited in Galeria Północna.

14. The distribution of advertising materials, personal selling, surveys, canvassing, door-to-door trading, as well as the organisation of assemblies, rallies, and charity events is prohibited in Galeria Północna.

15. Begging is prohibited.

16. Any items found in Galeria Północna shall be handed in immediately to the Information Desk staff or a Security Officer.

17. For your safety, it is forbidden to move, use and stay in areas not intended for Customers, service rooms, technical corridors, and other specially marked areas.

18. All visitors to Galeria Północna are requested to respect and obey the instructions of Security Officers.

19. By entering the Galeria Północna premises, you accept the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.

Persons violating the provisions of the Rules and Regulations may be called to leave the facility by the Security Service or the Management.

Your opinion and sense of security are important to us, therefore you may report any violations of the Rules and Regulations at the Information Desk using a specially prepared form or by calling us at + 48 22 812 84 84.

Shopping Centre Management Authority
Centrum Światowida Sp. z o.o.
Management Office:
ul. Światowida 17
03-144 Warsaw